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Why You Should (and Shouldn’t) Get A FitBit – The Perks and Drawbacks
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Why You Should (and Shouldn’t) Get A FitBit – The Perks and Drawbacks

There’s been a lot of back and forth about whether or not you should get a Fitbit (Canada). They’re easy to use, blend in with your life without getting in the way, and help keep you on track for your fitness goals. But are they a perfect fit for your specific life and situation? Read on to find out more.  

Fitbit Devices Can Track Your Heartbeat  

One of the best things about FitBit is that they can help you track your heart rate.  

Your heart rate is a good indicator of how hard your body is working and, therefore, a good indicator of how hard you are working out. Some people worry that if their heart rate is too low during exercise, they aren’t getting enough exercise or burning enough calories. That’s not true! Your resting or active heart rate has nothing to do with how fit or healthy you are—it’s just a measure of how many times per minute your heart beats. So don’t let it freak you out when yours seems too low for what feels like an intense workout!  

What does matter when it comes to fitness? The best indicator is simply whether or not you’re moving more than usual throughout the day. You should also focus on building muscle mass by lifting weights or doing resistance exercises; doing so will help increase metabolism and burn fat faster over time!  

See How Much You Really Move  

It may seem like a no-brainer that moving more is a good thing, but it’s easy to lose sight of this when you’re sedentary. With the FitBit, you’ll constantly be reminded of how much movement you’re getting each day. You’ll also notice patterns in your activity levels and learn how to adjust your habits accordingly. This can be especially helpful if you work in an office environment where most of your days are spent sitting down at a desk.  

The more active you are throughout the course of a day (whether that means taking short walks around the block or going for an intense run), the healthier your body will be overall. If being more active is on your fitness goals list this year, then investing in a FitBit could help get things off on the right foot!  

You Can Connect with Friends 

Connecting with friends is one of the most fun and motivating aspects of a Fitbit, so take advantage of this feature. You can connect with friends who also have a Fitbit, or you can connect with friends who don’t use Fitbits but are still interested in fitness. If you’re really into your fitness routine and want to share that passion with someone else, invite them over for dinner at your place, where you’ll prepare healthy dishes together.  

The benefits of having someone else inspire and motivate you are endless! You’ll be more likely to get up off the couch if someone is waiting for their turn on the treadmill next to yours at the gym; likewise, if another person is waiting for their turn running alongside yours outside (or maybe even racing against!) then they’ll inspire you not only physically but mentally as well!  

Utilize FitBit Features If You’re Training for an Event 

If you’re training for an event, FitBit will be your best friend. It can track your progress and motivate you to keep going.  

Track Your Sleep: Fitbit will help you get more restful sleep.  

Track Your Steps: Fitbit counts steps for you, so there is no need for a pedometer or an Argos catalogue of every step you take!  

Track Calories Burned Per Day: Fitbit has its own calorie database, which means that it can tell exactly how many calories are burned based on what activity level is set on each day (walking vs running).  

Get A First-Hand Look at Your Sleep Habits   

It’s easy to tell when you’re not sleeping enough, but it isn’t easy to know how much you should be sleeping in the first place. FitBit tracks your movements throughout the night, which helps determine your sleep stages and then gives a score based on how well you’re doing.  

You’re Committed to Seeing Your Progress 

There’s a reason FitBit is such a popular brand: the activity trackers, bracelets and watches are reliable at tracking your steps and sleep patterns. By wearing one of these devices, you can see how much you move around daily. This information is important because it serves as motivation for you to keep moving throughout the day—and to also get enough rest at night.  

Decide if This is Something That will Help You or Hurt You   

Before buying a FitBit, it’s important to ask yourself if this is something that will help you or hurt you. Investing in one will require a fair bit of effort from your end regarding motivation and discipline. Spending hundreds of dollars on an activity tracker that you would rarely use isn’t a good decision, so make sure you way all the pros and cons of purchasing one.  

Another cheaper albeit, instead of getting an expensive wristband explicitly designed for tracking steps (which can be worn 24/7), try wearing a pedometer that clips onto your waistband instead—that way, when you go out running or hiking in nature, it’ll still get counted as an activity.   

So, will a FitBit help you get in shape? Maybe. It all depends on how much motivation you need to stay active and if this type of device suits your needs. We hope you enjoyed this article and we want to know, what do you think of FitBits? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below; and if you have a FitBit, feel free to share any thoughts or insights you have about your experience with it.  

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