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Why Healthcare Workers Will Want HosTalky?
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Why Healthcare Workers Will Want HosTalky?

We have all been impacted one way or another by this global pandemic. This is especially true for the healthcare workers working on the frontline during this pandemic to help those in need of assistance and care. Most of these problems have yet to be solved even more than a year after the pandemic has started.

With this application, HosTalky was made to solve a few problems affecting the healthcare community now, especially when it comes to communication and organization. The community needs a lot of help with the issues they are having, especially in this pandemic. 

Discovering The Issues

Healthcare workers need an effective messaging tool for use in the workplace environment. However, having good and effective communication is hard for many medical workers, especially in this global pandemic. This is not only due to the high number of patients that need to be cared for, but also due to the fact that the system in place at work has not yet been streamlined for organization. 

The HosTalky mobile application supports essential workers by offering a solution to fix ineffective communication in the medical industry. This is not the only problem present in the workplace. A few other issues have been researched by our team regarding the healthcare workplace that workers might be experiencing. 

An unhealthy work-life balance is one leading cause of dissatisfaction that leads to mistakes and lack of awareness of the workers in their work setting. There is also a problem with no unifying network connecting hospitals and other healthcare settings together. As a result, communication is slow and inefficient. Paperwork is still used to communicate between departments which is slow and time-consuming to use. These are only some of the issues we have all seen within the healthcare workspaces.

Introducing HosTalky

HosTalky is an application made exclusively for healthcare professionals. It is easy to use and serves as a personal communication tool to message colleagues faster than any other form of communication in the workplace.

Using HosTalky will generate a personal CareID upon sign-up that can be personalized. The CareID is in the same vein of twitter’s “@” handle for its users as it is the “&” sign for HosTalky. However, no duplicates of the same name can be made. It’s a first-come, first-served basis on getting that desired name. So it is a very important decision on what your CareID name would be from the start when using the application. 

You can declare something to a group of people instantly with our announcements feature aside from communicating with other healthcare personnel with the chat feature. Sharing files with just a click of a button is also a handy feature HosTalky has for each user. With this, it saves time for doing other duties in the hospital environment for all healthcare workers. 

These are just some of the features HosTalky has to offer. There are a lot more features within the application itself that can help medical workers further improve the communication and organization within the workplace.


There have been many problems presented to us currently worldwide due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These problems are especially rampant throughout the healthcare industry in general when it comes to communication with coworkers and the organization of the workplace.      

We hope that healthcare workers will find HosTalky to help improve the communication and organization needs while on the job. We put in a lot of care and effort into the making of this application to be the best it can be for all healthcare workers in the industry.

It’s about time an application was created that catered to the needs of the healthcare industry. This is where HosTalky comes to help. Click down below to download HosTalky today and join the revolution to improve the efficiency of all healthcare workers.

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