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What Is Telehealth Psychiatry?
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What Is Telehealth Psychiatry?

Telehealth refers to the method of providing medical care to patients at a remote location through the use of technology, most frequently videoconferencing.

This has been very common, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when going to hospitals and clinics is risky. With the chance to receive medical services remotely, many people have started to like this kind of setup. 

But a more pressing mental health issue grew in drastic numbers during the pandemic. And this has given rise to what is now known as Telehealth Psychiatry or Telepsychiatry. 

Let us know more about this and how this telehealth appointment is made. 

So, What Is TelePsychiatry?

One of the most significant challenges faced by the public health system in the United States is unquestionably the inability of many individuals to obtain timely and appropriate psychiatric care. 

Even though psychiatry is one of the areas of medicine that has been impacted by technological advancements the least, recent developments in videoconferencing technology have proven to be an effective method of providing professional mental health care to populations that have been previously unserved. 

The application of telemedicine to the practice of psychiatry is what’s known as “telehealth psychiatry,” and it’s a relatively new medical specialty.

Telepsychiatry, therefore, is a method that uses telecommunications equipment as a telehealth appointment.  To give psychiatric services to those who are geographically isolated from a psychiatrist or prefer the privacy and convenience of their own homes.

What Services Are Offered By Telehealth Psychiatry?

You can secure a telehealth appointment in psychiatry through the following services.

  • Diagnostic and evaluative psychiatry 
  • One-on-one therapy 
  • Counselling in Small Groups 
  • Counselling for the whole family 
  • Client Education
  • Treatment planning

With this, psychiatrists can engage in direct conversation with their patients by using either the telephone or video conferencing services. Some people opt to submit recordings of their medical information to their providers.

How Does Telehealth Appointment in Psychiatry Work?

The use of telepsychiatry is functionally equivalent to the more conventional in-person visits. It mostly includes this 3-step process.

  • Step 1. A person will seek a Telehealth appointment at a nearby medical practice or clinic. They will then be referred to a psychiatrist for further treatment. 
  • Step 2. The initial telehealth psychiatry appointment can be set up by the clinic, the client, or the doctor by getting in touch with the psychiatrist responsible for providing the service. 
  • Step 3. When clients have time for their appointment, they can log in to the proper video conferencing platform and wait for the psychiatrist to join the session online. 

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that they have all pertinent records and information, including specifics regarding prescriptions, readily available. Additionally, they should compile a list of concerns or questions that need to be addressed. 

Appointments with a telepsychiatrist typically conform to the same guidelines and structure as those with a psychiatrist who sees patients in person. The client and the psychiatrist will discuss the issues and goals pertinent to the situation.

To summarize,

Telehealth psychiatry is a subspecialty that refers to providing psychiatric care through the use of technologies such as telephone or video conferencing.  Through Telehealth appointments, they can evaluate and diagnose patients, as well as provide therapy and prescribe medication, just like in-person psychiatric care providers. 

According to recent research, telepsychiatry is not only just as effective as traditional in-person treatment. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts below!

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