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What Is Health Awareness Month – October 2022
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What Is Health Awareness Month – October 2022

Learn about Health Literacy Month, why it falls in October, how to celebrate it, and the other related health awareness activities.

Imagine a healthcare industry where people don’t access the right and understandable information.  

Chaos, right? We have been in this familiar place during the Covid19 pandemic. Many of us lack a basic understanding of the virus and the measures we can take to prevent its outbreak.  It led to many people circulating fake news, which had been a significant problem in the healthcare industry. 

That is why this October, we celebrate Health Literacy Month! Join the conversation and help us spread health awareness across the globe by tuning in to this article until the end.  

What Is Health Literacy Month? 

Health Literacy Month is defined from the perspective of personal and organizational health. 

Personal health literacy refers to the extent to which people can locate, comprehend, and use resources to help them make decisions and take action regarding their own and other people’s health. 

On the other hand, organizational health literacy refers to the extent to which organizations reasonably assist people in locating, comprehending, and using data and services to guide health-related choices and actions for themselves and others. 

Why Is October Considered Health Literacy Month? 

October has been designated as Health Literacy Month for more than 20 years. Healthcare facilities, health centers, literacy programs, libraries, social service organizations, fitness centers, professional associations, governmental organizations, and many other groups collaborate to integrate and advance the mission of health literacy during this month.  

This is a period of global observance founded by Helen Osborne in 1999, with the first theme, “Be a Health Literacy Hero.” 

How To Celebrate Health Literacy Month?

Celebrating Health Literacy Month is making health information easier and more accessible.  

Several healthcare facilities are working to enhance their communication with patients to ensure that everything is understood before they leave during check-ups. To assist doctors in accurately communicating their message, they are taking steps such as streamlining their written materials and employing videos and photographs to teach patients. 

As healthcare providers, you can do the following: 

  • Make patient labels that are simple to read. 
  • Enhancing the packing and using instructions for health and fitness 
  • Creating products for disease education that are simple to grasp 
  • Improving clinical trial health literacy 
  • External sharing of best practices 

There are simple ways that individuals can do to celebrate this month too.  

  • Improve your interactions with medical experts. Before your appointment, list your symptoms, write down your questions, and take some notes when the doctor explains things to you. 
  • If you have questions after leaving, ensure you understand who to call. 
  • Participate in health education programs at your local library or community centers. 
  • Ask your local schools to teach kids about health education and literacy, so they will be ready when they grow up.

What Other Health Awareness Events Are Celebrated in October? 

There are many health-related movements and awareness campaigns in the health literacy month of October.  Listed below are the events as well as the organizations that host them. 


Access to the right health information can save hundreds of lives. At HosTalky, we encourage everyone to go beyond health literacy month and take action. Building bridges between those individuals in need of healthcare or other services depends on our shared health literacy initiatives. Our combined efforts will create a more just society where everyone can access high-quality healthcare and achieve successful health outcomes. 

If you are a healthcare provider, help spread health awareness by signing up and downloading the HosTalky app by clicking this link.  

What do you think are other ways that the healthcare industry can make health-related information accessible to everyone? Let us know in the comments below! 

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