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Networking in Healthcare – A Career Enhancer
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Networking in Healthcare – A Career Enhancer

  • Where should you network? 
  • Why network in the first place? 
  • What do you get out of it? 

Whether the goals in your career are money-oriented or fulfillment-based, networking is always a great step to take to achieve them. Yes, it requires going out of your way out of your regularly scheduled program, but we promise it’s worth it. It’s not just about extending your own olive branch, it’s also about creating a mutually beneficial relationship with people who can help you succeed. Read on to learn more about the steps you need to take.  

Where should you start? 

Online. We’re still in a worldwide pandemic and it can be difficult to meet people in person while staying 6 feet apart and with masks. Opt for using sites like LinkedIn or even Facebook Groups with other like-minded professionals. Virtual meetings on Zoom are just as helpful, your new online connection can help you in the real world.  

Job Fairs. Employers are seeking people like you! Even if you don’t necessarily qualify for the position, it’s a good idea to keep them in your pocket and vice versa. They may have a different opening in the future that you would be perfect for. Bring a business card to hand out or send out connection requests on LinkedIn while you meet. 

Conferences. Keynote speakers, hosts and other attendees are there to learn and to share. Meet new people in the healthcare industry outside of your regular workplace. Sharing ideas, wisdom, and opportunities can improve your career significantly.  

Workplace Events. You may not know everyone that works at your office, clinic, hospital, etc. And even if you do, it’s a fun venue to learn more about others and deepen your relationship and connection.  

Other venues. You can meet anyone on the bus, at the mall, or even at the gym. These people may not be in the healthcare industry, but they can widen your scope and general views. Life can take you on so many winding roads and you may find an interest in a different career, or you may just want to pivot within healthcare.  

Why is it so important? 

Job seeking. When finding a job, a lot of the listings aren’t actually posted on job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed, or Glassdoor. A third of the time, jobs are given or made known to people through their connections and referrals. Creating a strong relationship with someone who is in a field you’re interested in, is a major business move that can get you to where you want to be.  

Continuous Learning. Taking on the wisdom of your network connections and implementing them can enhance your career. You can use this information to start your own clinic, change one of your work techniques, or even start a side hustle. Achieving goals inside and outside of your workplace environment.  

Social interaction. It’s not easy to network when you’re busy with patients or stuck in meetings. But they are worthwhile. These interactions if made and maintained can be truly life changing. You’ll always have someone or many someones in the industry to rely on for advice, support, or even just to chat.  

What’s in it for you? 

In short, if you’re willing, you’ll have all you need to succeed. Networking is beneficial not only professionally, but also mentally. It improves your social health, you’ll have a wealth of information to draw on (and share), you’ll meet a plethora of new people from many walks of life, and you’ll gain confidence in the process. 

There is truly not much to lose in this process. If you’re a person who is always busy, we encourage you to make the time. Even if it’s just sending out one message a day on LinkedIn, or attending one conference a year. Push yourself to unknown bounds and discover your true potential through networking.  

It can definitely be uncomfortable at first, or you may be just naturally introverted and that is okay. Start off by doing little things to work your way up to it. If it is an in-person event, bring a friend or close peer to help buffer your chats. Focus the conversations on what you’re interested in and see if anything common pops up. Be confident in yourself. You have a lot to offer already – a great set of skills and abilities and a strong education. It for sure takes practice and time. You’ll ease more into it and feel more confident in your abilities to make these connections. And another tip, you can choose who you want to stay in touch with and who you don’t. You’re in control of these situations and you’re in control of your future.  

Key Takeaways  

It can be hard to start networking – it’s intimidating, to say the least. Yet, getting out of your comfort zone can be highly beneficial, so don’t be afraid. These connections can be helpful for the near future or for the long run. Either way, you can benefit tremendously and so can the other person.  

Finding a new mentor, seeking a new job, or just meeting new people for a new social interaction can help you! Don’t underestimate your potential and the great possibilities networking can give you. A future in healthcare is strong and with the help and support of others – the untapped prospect is yours to figure out.  

We hope you enjoyed reading this article post, let us know what your best practices are when you network.  

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