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Must-Know Tips for Getting Freebies as A Healthcare Worker – A Guide
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Must-Know Tips for Getting Freebies as A Healthcare Worker – A Guide

  • Stressed out, unsung, and underpaid – healthcare workers deserve more for putting themselves at risk during the pandemic and saving so many lives. 
  • Annual celebrations like Nurses Week show gratitude to nurses and other healthcare workers as many companies offer free or discounted goods or services during that time period. 
  • Find out precisely how and where to look to score stuff like tax rebates, loan forgiveness, subsidized accommodation, and more.   

If you or someone you know is a healthcare worker, then you probably know that working your socks off is, by definition, part of the job description. Unfortunately, your efforts and sacrifices to the medical community mean taking a hit on your mental wellbeing.   

After Covid-19 reared its ugly head in late 2019, healthcare workers became more prone to mental health issues like anxiety and depression (we’ve included links to mental health and meditation apps below in this post, so be sure to check that out). And they need our support and assistance now more than ever.   

As mentioned above, events like Nurses Week make it easy to get discounts and freebies for healthcare workers. With that being said, let’s dive in.   

* Please keep in mind that these offers and programs are mostly relevant to North America, with deals for other countries sprinkled in.  

Product Discounts  

Quick note: If you’re a healthcare professional residing in the USA, an absolute goldmine of deals is available on, an identity verification website. Click here to learn more.   

Clothing and Shoes/Footwear  

U.S. Polo Assn: 20% off for first responders.  

Lulumon:15% off for first responders both online and in-store. Terms and conditions apply.  

Helly Hansen: Click here if you’re based in the U.S. and here if you’re in Canada to get generous discounts as a healthcare professional. Note that they also have a membership program for first responders.  

ASICS: Offers 40% off orders at their online store for healthcare workers and first responders in the U.S. Terms and conditions apply.   

Nike: Get 10% off your order if you’re a first responder or healthcare professional in the U.S. Check out how here.   

Clarks USA: Though not specifying how much the discount is, Clarks offers discounts to first responders and medical professionals. Learn how by clicking here.  

Medical Wear and Equipment 

Are you based in the U.K. and a frontline worker? Med Supply Drive U.K. can help you out if you need PPE equipment.   

In NYC, U.S.A, Mēle offers PPE, food service, and food and beverages to hospital teams. Fill out this form to get started.  

Worldwide: Buy masks that are nearly free on Etsy.   

Save 30% on scrubs at Medelita with the code FRONTLINES.  

Mental Health/ General Wellbeing  

Lyf: 60-min text-based support session with a mental health specialist completely free. Open to doctors, nurses, first responders, & healthcare workers.  

Calm: 40 dollars off a 1-year subscription for nurses, first responders, and medical providers.  

Talkspace: Get 50% off your first month on any plan at Talkspace if you’re a first responder or healthcare professional. You’ll need to download the app and register yourself with an NPI or work badge.   


Wyndham Hotels: Free Gold membership upgrade from Wyndham Rewards for all essential workers. According to the company’s website, this includes “truck drivers, delivery drivers, warehouse workers, construction workers, sanitation workers, grocery associates, healthcare workers, and more.”  

Accor Hotels: Slashed rates for healthcare workers, first responders and volunteers in Australia (deal ends on June 30, 2022).  

Hyatt Hotels: Get a flat 30% to 50% off on your stay at a Hyatt hotel. Amazingly, this offer applies to healthcare workers worldwide (deal ends on December, 2022).  

Loan Forgiveness Programs 

United States  

As a healthcare worker in the United States, you may be eligible for federal student loan forgiveness. Though, you must meet the criteria listed below, as referenced by :  

  • Be employed by a U.S. federal, state, local, or non-profit organization;  
  • Be a full-time employee   
  • Have direct loans   
  • Payback your loans under an income-driven repayment plan; and  
  • Make 120 qualifying payments (over a period of ten years).  


According to the Government of Canada1 website, Budget 2022 plans to provide 26.2 million dollars starting from 2023-to 2024, plus 7 million ongoing. That’s up to 30,000 dollars in loan forgiveness for nursing students and an eye-boggling 60,000 for doctors working in rural or remote underserved communities.   

Tax Rebates and Exemptions   

Check out this section to find details about healthcare worker tax rebate programs.   

United States   

Live in New Mexico, United States and work in a rural community as a healthcare provider? You may be eligible for the Rural Health Care Practitioner Tax Credit Program. Depending on your specific position, you’ll receive either $3000 or $5000 in tax credits. Learn more here and here.   


According to, nurses may be eligible for credit for license fees, as well as your tuition fees if you have to write a certification exam for your job. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll need approval from your employer.  

Bottom Line  

Want to show more appreciation for these health heroes? Here are some ways we can help support healthcare professionals, according to  

  • Get in touch with Congress to increase the amount of protective equipment.   
  • Shout out to healthcare workers on social media.   
  • Donate, donate, and donate. Whether that’s money or actual supplies, that’ll go a long way towards helping them.  
  • No taking masks, sanitizers, and toilet paper from hospitals. These items are in limited supply, and medical professionals need as much of them as possible.  Consider paying for their parking, if that’s an option.
  • Similar to the donation suggestion, healthcare providers usually aren’t well paid, and a direct transfer of money to them via PayPal or Venmo could really make their day. Remember, small amounts count adds up too!   
  • Fill up their tummies by ordering food for them! Be cautious with this idea, though, as pesky Covid-19 lives on surfaces and maybe a contamination issue.   
  • If you can, help out nurses and other medical professionals  
  • Try cooking them a healthy, nutritious meal.   
  • Stay home and practice social distancing.  Think about volunteering with the Red Cross.   
  • Donate blood.   
  • Express appreciation to your doctors and nurses for their hard work and effort during this difficult time.   

We hope this comprehensive guide on figuring out how to get freebies, gifts, discounts, loan forgiveness, and tax rebates has been worthwhile. If you enjoyed reading this blog post, consider dropping a comment below in answer to the question, “In your opinion, what’s the best thing about being a healthcare provider?” We’d love to hear your thoughts! 

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