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Issues with Communication in Healthcare
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Issues with Communication in Healthcare

Sometimes issues arise within the healthcare industry when it comes to communication with coworkers or staff members. We have been hit hard by this global pandemic, especially the healthcare industry where this time their quick turnaround for their care and other services are needed now more than ever before. However, despite the best efforts of everyone involved, there are still issues within the healthcare industry in general, especially when it comes to communication.

This blog breaks down 3 main components that are currently regarded as communication issues that are affecting the healthcare community.

Poor Communication

Over the years, there has been a shift in the quality of the care that people have been receiving recently in the hospitals. The United States for example has a few issues regarding malpractice within their hospitals.

This is due to the fact that there is an overlying issue with poor communication within the hospitals.

This is especially true now in this global pandemic setting where there is a greater number of patients going to hospitals than they can handle. This makes it harder for the staff to effectively communicate with each other in order to take care of so many patients at once.

Awareness Issues

Every day more and more people are getting admitted into hospitals due to either a chronic illness that has been increasing in occurrence recently, or even due to illness from the current global pandemic. As the days go by, more people are needing medical attention, so the hospitals are getting increasingly full with patients in need of care. This is where the issue of awareness starts to kick in.

Physicians, nurses, and other staff in the hospital are staying overtime to provide as much care as they can to the many patients in the hospitals. However, since many hospitals currently have a shortage of physicians and nurses, a lot of them may be staying overtime just to help the newer patients coming in every so often.

This causes a lack of sleep and rest for many of these healthcare workers, thus creating a decrease in attention to vital patient details. This could lead to detrimental negative outcomes for patients who are in need of critical care. 


The rapidly increasing number of patients has yet another catastrophic effect within the healthcare industry. The large influx of patients within hospitals has caused a highly disorganized hospital environment due to high patient influx and the severity of the conditions of the patients seeking medical help due to COVID-19. 


Communication issues have become even more prevalent in the healthcare industry especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Issues such as poor communication, lack of awareness, and disorganization have plagued the healthcare industry due to worldwide circumstances.

What can the healthcare industry do in order to solve these communication issues?

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