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How HosTalky App Healthcare Started
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How HosTalky App Healthcare Started

Communication errors and disorganization are common problems experienced among healthcare workers.  These have significantly affected their quality of life and positive work experience.  

The HosTalky mobile app healthcare was created to help healthcare workers overcome these problems and make their workload easier and hassle-free. 

But what is Hostalky? If you haven’t read our previous blog, we would highly advise that you do so by clicking this link.  

Meanwhile, in these posts, let us explore what gave rise to the creation of this digital healthcare aid for healthcare workers. Make sure to stick to this post until the end. 

What Is The HosTalky App Healthcare?

Whether you’re a community health worker or medical social worker, the HosTalky app is designed for every healthcare worker struggling with the effects of unbalanced work and life inside the workplace. 

After years of research and gathering feedback from active healthcare workers, the HosTalky corporation has invented the application to help them achieve a work-life balance. 

HosTalky aims to improve as many lives as possible, including health workers and their patients, especially during these difficult and unprecedented times.

When Did HosTalky Start?

The idea of creating HosTalky started years ago during the proposal of a universal healthcare application that healthcare providers can use in their workplace.  

The app is primarily made to give them access to a space where they can chat and communicate effectively. The app also provides other features like reminders and personal notes. Unlike other applications on the market that only focus on one feature, HosTalky provides multiple features in one application. 

Hostalky was likewise subjected to several challenges. That is why the following questions were asked during its planning. 

  • Would it be easy to use?  
  • Would it be practical?  
  • Who would benefit the most from this kind of application? 

Still, the challenge was accepted, knowing it could help many healthcare workers. So, after thorough research, in 2019, an anecdote of a patient’s current hospital situation where they were admitted raised the concern that the lack of proper communication was one of the most significant issues affecting the healthcare industry. Aside from that, there were also issues regarding work-life balance and general disorganization within the workplace settings. 

With the common understanding that this problem is not just an isolated case, HosTalky was created to offer service to healthcare providers across the world.

With the concept and goal in place, this app healthcare was successfully launched.  With the help of a small team of app technicians and designers, they started to complete the application in 2021, hoping to make it a reality. 


The HosTalky app healthcare was created to make the healthcare industry a much better place for healthcare workers to offer their service while also serving their bests interests. 

The app, in its entirety, is a multipurpose application with many parts making up the app’s features. It has a chat, personal notes, reminders, and announcements feature all in one place for the user to utilize. It is designed to have a lot of depth but will still be straightforward for healthcare workers to use. 

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