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HosTalky is Here to Help Healthcare Workers
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HosTalky is Here to Help Healthcare Workers


The pandemic has affected all of us greatly by creating more issues to work through. The pandemic has also brought to light issues that have already been present even before March 2020. This is especially true for the healthcare workers working on the frontline in this pandemic to help those in need of assistance and care. Most of these problems have yet to be solved even more than a year after the pandemic has started. But among all of these issues comes a solution with HosTalky. 

HosTalky was made with these problems in mind by creating a solution through an app specifically made for healthcare workers. With this chat application, HosTalky was made to solve a few problems currently impacting the healthcare community. In today’s day and age, the medical community could use some support with the issues present, especially in this pandemic. 

What is HosTalky?

Healthcare workers need a simple tool to help overcome constant struggles in the fast-paced environment that is the healthcare workplace. HosTalky is here to be that simple tool in the workplace.

HosTalky is an easy-to-use chat application made exclusively for future and present healthcare workers. Not only is it a chat application, but it has other features as well that differentiate it from other chat applications. HosTalky has many useful features to effectively and efficiently get the job done inside the hospital.

Specific features such as a way to take notes, a text to speech messaging option, and making announcements with a touch of a button are just a few features to note that are included when you download HosTalky. There is also a do not disturb option to keep your work and personal life separate when you are off duty.

All of these features were matched perfectly for healthcare professionals to solve your problems of ineffective communication, poor organization and work-life balance.

HosTalky was made specifically for the healthcare industry as a resource to ease some stress in the workplace. We hope to improve the lives of healthcare workers with HosTalky. With this app in hand, it’ll make a tough day a little easier.

Who exactly is HosTalky for?

The HosTalky application is for all future and present healthcare workers working in the medical industry. There is no one specific profession for which this application is for. This app will exclusively be for healthcare professionals who work in hospitals or other similar establishments. 

The application itself is not just for the typical workers that people think of when hearing the words ‘healthcare worker’, which would be physicians and nurses. HosTalky is not limited to only nurses and doctors, the application is for every healthcare professional, includes medical receptionists, pharmacists, lab technicians, and more.

This makes certain people inside the medical workplace, such as hospital administrators and optometrists, to be part of the group of people who will benefit from the introduction of HosTalky as well. With this app, all essential workers, including the doctors and nurses of the hospital, will be able to communicate more fluently and precisely with one another.

It is valuable for all healthcare professionals to use HosTalky as their main communication within hospitals to act as one unit inside the hospital.

What is HosTalky’s Goal?

The main goal of HosTalky is to improve the communication, work-life balance, and organization issues being faced by all healthcare workers worldwide. HosTalky will do that by providing a tool for many people in the healthcare industry to use as their main source of communication in the health industry at all times.


There have been underlying issues in the healthcare industry when it comes to communication and organization that have been brought to light due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There needs to be a fix for these communication and organization issues in particular, which is what HosTalky is looking to solve. 

With HosTalky introducing a more efficient and effective way to communicate with fellow colleagues in the hospital, these issues within the workspace will be resolved once everyone gets on board to using the application.

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