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HosTalky is About to Launch The HosTalky Application For Phase 1
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HosTalky is About to Launch The HosTalky Application For Phase 1


All of these years the healthcare industry has been having a lot of issues regarding communication and organization within their workplace. These issues have only been made more apparent in this pandemic. Many healthcare workers were already dealing with a lot of malpractice issues and disorganization within the hospital even before the pandemic. Now, all that it has done is increase the likelihood of those problems happening.

This is why the HosTalky corporation is launching the HosTalky application, to help solve some of these issues within the workplace.

What Exactly is HosTalky?

HosTalky is an easy-to-use application made exclusively for healthcare workers to use. Not only is it a chat application, but it has other features as well that differentiate it from other chat applications. 

Hostalky has many useful features to effectively and efficiently get the job done inside the hospital and other medical workplaces.

All of these features were matched perfectly for healthcare professionals to solve the problems of ineffective communication, poor organization and an unhealthy work-life balance.

HosTalky was made specifically for the healthcare industry as a tool to ease any stress workers may experience in the workplace. We hope to improve the lives of healthcare workers with HosTalky. 

How is it different from other Chat applications?

You could install many applications on your phone for reminders and other organizing aspects that would be beneficial in not only a hospital setting but for other places where medical professionals are working. However, having that many applications instead of having just one with all the features needed can be overwhelming for you to keep track of everything.  

Instead of downloading all these applications on your phone, taking up so much space for tools from different applications, why not look for an application with features in one place?

Introducing HosTalky, a new mobile application that has more features than just your regular chat application. HosTalky has features included for you, such as reminders, personal notes and even announcements, all in just one place. Gone are the days when you have to search for individual applications just to meet all of your organization and communication needs.

The application is made specifically for healthcare workers for your fast-paced work environments.

The chat aspect of the app is to make sure you can communicate properly with your other coworkers despite being far apart in some situations in a hospital, clinic, pharmacy or any other healthcare workplace. Overall, it just lessens the hassle of trying to find someone that you would have needed to talk to.

The rest of the features, such as personal notes, reminders and announcements, are what HosTalky wants to differentiate from other applications. Essentially, we want HosTalky to be easy-to-use for you, but to also have all of the organization tools that you could ever want all in one application.

This is how HosTalky is unique in this way compared to other applications. It is specifically for healthcare workers with all the features you could need available in one simple app. 

HosTalky has you covered for any type of efficiency in an application you may need to get yourself working with less stress in any setting.


There is a need for an application that would help the healthcare industry fix issues of ineffective communication with one another and poor organization in general within the workplace. This is why HosTalky is launching in its beta phase to start the change for a better workplace environment all around for the healthcare industry.

We hope you will have a great time using HosTalky and eventually integrating it into your work environment for you and all healthcare workers.

Download HosTalky for iOS/Android today.

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