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Care ID: What Is It and Why Should We Care?
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Care ID: What Is It and Why Should We Care?

Identity is a vital asset everyone should have since modern life needs to have a source of identification. Whether for a simple title or trying to connect with an old friend, it should be simple and easy for others to look for you and new people to get to know you. With the HosTalky application, we give our users their own identities to find one another with the introduction of CareID.

What is CareID?

One of the initial prompts when installing and signing up to HosTalky comes with a feature called CareID. We understand and value the work that you provide as healthcare workers. We want to create a system that will reward you for using our application. This is why we made CareID for you.

CareID is a unique personal ID name each user obtains when you sign up for HosTalky. It is a specific feature of the Hostalky app that gives you your own kind of identity. It can be personalized when you first sign up. However, no duplicates of the same CareID name can be made. So it’s a first-come, first-served basis on getting that desired CareID name.

Once generated, there will be a “&” sign in front of your CareID that serves as its handle. Having your CareID enables you to share and connect with anyone across the platform. This lets healthcare workers worldwide be recognized and supported.

What Benefits Does CareID Provide?

On Twitter, the “@” symbol is a unique handle on how someone can find your profile instantly amidst the millions of people using the platform, with many of them possibly having similar names. It is the same with the “&” symbol and HosTalky. The “&” symbol lets all healthcare workers have their own distinct identity within the application. The “&” symbolizes togetherness, and it shows the efforts and dedication needed by people like you who are part of the healthcare industry as a whole.

The “&” symbol paired with everyone’s desired name will be your handle in the HosTalky application and is universal across all devices as well. This unique handle beginning with the “&” symbol is a way for you to identify anyone who may want to be your contact.

Since the CareID is universal across all platforms for a single person’s account, there will be no confusion about who a specific CareID belongs to since each CareID will be unique no matter what it is to each person. For example, if the CareID named “&johndoe” is already taken, then no other person can exactly have the CareID of “&johndoe” anymore.

How Do I Make a CareID?

  1. When you sign up for the HosTalky application for the first time on an android or iOS device, one of the prompts the application will tell you to do is to come up with a CareID with a bar that starts with the “&” symbol. 
  1. This is the part in the sign-up where you have to decide what your personalized and unique CareID will be permanent.
  1. Type in your preferred CareID. This is where careful planning and preparations are needed to get the desired CareID for the new account. Once a preferred CareID name is taken, no other person in the world can have that name as a CareID from that point onward.
  1. Check if the CareID is already taken. If it is, then repeat step 3. If not, then you are finished making your very own CareID.


With a CareID handle explicitly made for healthcare workers who use the HosTalky application, we give you the identity and recognition you deserve. The “&” symbolizes many things regarding your own unique identity when using the HosTalky application and also the togetherness that the application will bring.

CareID was made with a vision to connect all healthcare workers all on one application with the valuable benefits of improving the communication you will have in the workplace environment in the hospital.

Download HosTalky now on iOS/Android.

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