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All About Going Vegan
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All About Going Vegan

  • Veganism isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle, just like being vegetarian or gluten-free.  
  • Veganism has been around for centuries and is still growing in popularity yearly.  
  • Veganism isn’t just for hippies or celebrities (nothing against either group, just saying!) —it’s something that people of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles can do to benefit their health and the environment.  

A vegan diet has lower risks of developing certain health conditions like heart disease. A growing body of evidence suggests it could reduce your carbon footprint. If you’ve ever wanted to try this sustainable way of eating, here’s what you should know.  

What is Veganism, anyway?   

Veganism is a diet that excludes the use of animal products or food sources. This can mean no meat, fish, poultry and eggs. However, many choose not to consume dairy and other animal-derived products like honey.  

Vegan Diets Can Be Healthy and Balanced  

Many assume a vegan diet consists only of salads and fruits while neglecting vital nutrients they need daily. But this isn’t true at all! Vegan diets can be high in fibre and nutrients such as vitamins C and K2—allowing your body to function at its best strength levels possible!  

You Don’t Have to Become Vegan Overnight.   

Going vegan isn’t as hard as you think. There’s no need to overhaul all that you eat right away. You can start by cutting out one thing at a time, like dairy or meat, and work your way up from there. This is a good approach if you’re used to eating a lot of animal products in your diet — you’ll find it easier to abstain from something that’s not part of your routine than something that makes up most of your diet (like meat).  

There are also plenty of vegan versions of foods and meals that are equally delicious as their non-vegan counterparts. For example, certain restaurants offer veggie burgers, plant-based burgers, or substitute meat burgers as an alternative to regular beef patties on their menus; but we’d be lying if we said they taste the same. Veggie burgers can be healthier at times, but make sure you read the labels of your products and look out for any additives or substitutes and make informed choices about what you eat. 

Going Vegan Can Help the Environment 

A plant-based diet can help the environment because it produces less carbon monoxide through the production of foods. Livestock uses a lot of fresh water to sustain, so a plant-based diet would reduce the amount of water that is used to produce foods, and this can help in locations with water shortages.  


Veganism is one of the fastest-growing movements in the world right now, and it’s easy to see why. People often worry about how difficult it will be or how much they’ll miss meat, but you don’t have to do a complete 180 in a day. Taking it slow is the way to go.   

To be clear: you don’t need to give up animal products forever when you go vegan; it’s perfectly OK if you choose to do so temporarily or permanently.  

Many resources are available for people trying out a vegan lifestyle, including support groups, meal plans, and even personal coaches who can help guide you through the transition. Going vegan can sometimes mean significant changes for your body or mind—but if you decide to try it out, it’s a great way to connect with like-minded people and ensure that you’re eating healthy every day.  

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it interesting. Let us know in the comments what your thoughts are on veganism and if you would ever try out this lifestyle. 

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