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A Comparison of Healthcare Qualities of 5 Countries in the World in 2021
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A Comparison of Healthcare Qualities of 5 Countries in the World in 2021


  • The healthcare industry is currently experiencing its highest surge in demand. Especially with the global pandemic going rampant worldwide due to COVID-19, more focus is directed toward figuring out how the healthcare industry will deal with the immense pressure and request of services. 
  • Surprisingly, these five countries don’t have the supposed best overall health care in the industry. This blog compares the healthcare quality of five countries in the world in 2021.
  • Let us discuss the following: United States, Canada, Germany, Norway and Japan.
  • The ranking for these countries is gathered from here. 

What is healthcare?

  • Healthcare is defined as the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, or cure of disease, sickness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments in persons and is provided by specialists in the medical and allied health sectors.

Health Care in the United States

  • Rank: #37
  • Problems in healthcare in the United States arise from the expensive cost of healthcare and an overall shortage of doctors and nurses in the country due to the increasing number of people seeking medical attention.
  • Although the United States is only ranked at number 37 in the year 2021, it is still closer to the top of the list out of the hundreds of countries ranked in the list.

Health Care in Canada

  • Rank: #30
  • Not too far ahead of the United States is the neighbouring country of Canada.
  • Issues within the country’s healthcare system still exist with a similarity to the United States with their high cost of healthcare services. Canada has a universal, publicly funded system. There are still issues within the country’s healthcare system regarding the quality of the healthcare received due to the national healthcare system in place.
  • However, other issues in the country also pointed out are the aging population in the country, meaning more people will need medical care as the years progress for the country. 

Health Care in Germany

Health Care in Norway

  • Rank: #11
  • All the way up at number eleven comes Norway, known for its excellent quality of health care services provided by the medical professionals in the country.
  • However, despite this, there are still pending issues within the healthcare industry in the country. Some noted in this study point to issues such as lack of medical staff, the long lines at which a person in the country would receive that health care they need, and even the cost of the services themselves.

Health Care in Japan

  • Rank: #10
  • One spot above Norway, we have the health care system of Japan. Although being 10th place is a very respectable position, there are still issues with the country’s health care system. Issues like the cost of the services and long wait times to be admitted into hospitals are a few issues raised in the country.


  • Although these five countries all have higher rankings than average on how good their healthcare is, they all still have some issues within their respective healthcare systems.
  • The United States, Canada and Norway all have issues regarding the cost of health care within the countries. On the other hand, Germany and Japan have problems when it comes to the waiting time for getting the health care service being offered by the medical professionals in those countries.
  • Many necessary improvements are needed worldwide in various healthcare settings. 
  • What could be done to solve these issues within the healthcare industry?
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