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5 Essential Leadership Skills in Nursing
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5 Essential Leadership Skills in Nursing

The shortage of  nurse practitioners  leads to their increasing demand. But with the rising need for nurses, leadership role in the nursing sector has been in even more demand.

Leadership roles are important to guide the next generation of nursing professionals on the right path. Leaders in this field offer valuable skill sets and expertise to navigate fast-moving healthcare environments or settings appropriately.  

Moreover, leadership quality in nursing has expanded to include in-depth knowledge and expertise with evolving healthcare technology. The evolving technology represents the largest capital investment made by most health institutions in recent times. The new and changing technologies extend from analytics and big data to wellness, workflow, and patient experience.

To play a leading role as a nursing  healthcare worker in Ontario, here are some of the most important leadership skills necessary to succeed.   

Must-have Leadership Quality In Nursing


One of the primary leadership skills is efficient and effective communication, both verbal as well as written.

Along with proper written and spoken communication skills, active listening and comprehension are also must-have leadership quality in nursing and is one of the key to communicating with the entire department, including communicating with each other, doctors, healthcare team members, patients and their family members. Mastering communication plays a significant role in improving successful outcomes across other skills. 

Management Change  

Efficiently and effectively managing organizational change is another major leadership skill in nursing. It is essential for leaders to plan early. Leaders who plan early and enlist the help of  nursing practitioners  to help develop and evaluate different organizational plans can play a crucial role in easing the stress & uncertainty of change. 

Conflict Resolution 

Nurse leaders must work appropriately to maintain team morale and a thoughtful and consistent approach. They must deal with difficult personalities often and serve as mediators to conflicting parties. They need to provide ideal resolutions without shifting their focus from the common goal of offering each patient the highest level of care. 

Emotional Intelligence 

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to bring awareness and empathy to interpersonal interactions to better understand and communicate with a wide array of individuals across different situations.

Therefore, emotional intelligence is another major leadership skill in nursing. Classes or training for mental health and literacy can help extensively to build emotional intelligence. 

Mentoring Skills 

One of the basics of nursing  healthcare jobs  is to serve both as a teacher and a student. Acting as mentors, the nurse leaders gain a deep insight into the strengths and weaknesses of their institution in terms of its process of onboarding, changes in practice and daily workflows. Proper mentoring skills play a significant role in lessening nurse burnout and boosting the rate of nurse retention.  


It is clear that the top five leadership quality in nursing discussed above are required in nursing  jobs  to deliver high-quality leadership in any healthcare environment or setting to ensure that the patients receive optimal care.  

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